Determine The Gender Of Your Baby

There are many old wives tales about tricks to determine the gender of your baby such as whether you are carrying the baby high (boy) or low (girl) or even whether or not you eat the heel of the bread! But can you actually do anything to influence a baby’s gender before the actual conception? Ashley Spencer, author of the very popular ‘How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby’ says resoundingly –YES.

If you have a strong preference one way or the other you may want to Investigate Ashley’s book. There are many very compelling reviews on her website and she claims an incredible 94.8% success rate. Now, I’m not in the position to say with absolute certainty whether this is true or not but what I can say is that it DID work for a very good friend of mine. It could have course been sheer luck but on the other hand it might just be worth giving Ms Spencer the benefit of the doubt.

Ashley says there are three things you have to consider. Apparently there are certain periods of time when a woman is more likely to conceive either a boy or a girl and this depends on what a woman’s natural acidity or alkalinity levels are. If a woman’s PH level is very acidic, she is more likely to have a girl as high acid levels kill off high numbers of male sperm, but leave female sperm unaffected. Whereas if a woman’s PH level is very alkaline, she is far more likely to have a boy because high alkaline levels are harmful to female sperm, but harmless to male sperm. The next thing to consider is your diet. Certain types of food will tend to favor girls while other types favor boys. And finally, specific sexual intercourse positions can affect gender as can simultaneous orgasm!

One really cool thing about Ashley’s book is that there is a no questions asked money back guarantee. And there’s no time limit on the guarantee - which is just as well since you’re going to have to wait at least nine months before you can be 100% certain that you have had the desired result. So if it doesn’t work you have nothing to lose.

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